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Can anyone direct me to a working link for Mea Kulpa - TTW (Tale of Two Wastelands) version?

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I am currently building my modlist for my first TTW playthrough, and was interested in trying out this mod. Unfortunately, the only version of Mea Kulpa I've found that's compatible with TTW is hosted on the TTW forums, and the link is dead. There does not seem to be any extenuating circumstance for this (e.g. the original mod author rescinding permission, for example), or at least, the one who posted it there never gave a reason. The link simply does not work. What's worse, the TTW forums are currently unable to send registration emails, so I can't contact the one who posted it there.


What I'm asking is, if anyone has the version of Mea Kulpa I'm looking for, would they mind sending me a message with the link or something?

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