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  1. I am currently building my modlist for my first TTW playthrough, and was interested in trying out this mod. Unfortunately, the only version of Mea Kulpa I've found that's compatible with TTW is hosted on the TTW forums, and the link is dead. There does not seem to be any extenuating circumstance for this (e.g. the original mod author rescinding permission, for example), or at least, the one who posted it there never gave a reason. The link simply does not work. What's worse, the TTW forums are currently unable to send registration emails, so I can't contact the one who posted it there. What I'm asking is, if anyone has the version of Mea Kulpa I'm looking for, would they mind sending me a message with the link or something?
  2. I don't understand the goal either. Catholics have concubines in this mod, and the number they have, because the premise of this mod is a more lustful Catholicism. Apart from the addition of a lustful Pagan reform option, and the global loosening on female political rights, this has only ever been centered on Catholicism. That being said, it is entirely possible to modify the number of concubines: Go to C:\Users\ProfileNameHere\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\Christianity Mod\common\religions There will be a text file with the name 00_religions. In that file is the parameters of all non-Catholic religions (Catholicism gets its own folder). CTRL+F zoroastrian_group and scroll down to zoroastrian. There will be a line with the words: max_consorts = 3 Change that to whatever number you want, such as: max_consorts = 100 Save the file. Zoroastrians can now take 100 concubines.
  3. I have the same problems as Alexsis. Of three children, my firstborn daughter (four years old) became scarred from her service among the Varangian Guard, my two year old son got himself a Greek wife and poor Aelfred didn't even make it to a week old before he was killed in the line of duty.
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