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Doomed to die old and alone- acquiring followers causes a savegame crash


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I've been having this problem lately where every game save I have where I'm attached to a follower crashes on load and for the life of me I can't work out why as it wasn't always like this. I'm assuming there's something clashing with UFO as today the save games simply crashes just having that mod loaded. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that I had previously disabled custom followers without ending the partnership and this left some unresolved scripts or something in the game, I tried a save game cleaner and that didn't help, so I'm still at a loss as to what the problem is, most mods I have are clothing/armor and generally cosmetics throughout the game. I have provided my current mod list below.

I also have the latest update of Skyrim and SKSE. Any advice would be awesome :)



Active Mod Files:

00  Skyrim.esm
01  Dawnguard.esm
----> Delinquent MASTER: Update.esm
02  CLARALUX - More and Brighter Lights.esm
----> Delinquent MASTER: Update.esm
03  Immersive Patrols.esm
----> Delinquent MASTER: Update.esm
04  HearthFires.esm
05  Update.esm
06  RaceCompatibility.esm
07  ApachiiHair.esm
08  ApachiiHairFemales.esm
09  LunariRace.esm
0A  AOM.esm
0B  RaestlozArmorReplace.esm  [Version 1.4.1]
0C  FollowerMagic.esm
0D  HentaiKarliahArmor.esp
0E  HentaiLorehaterDress.esp
0F  HentaiVoidArmor.esp
10  HorsesGoneWild.esp  [Version 1.2]
11  Jill Valentine Outfit.esp
12  KarliahArmor2.esp
13  killthemgenerals.esp
14  More Dynamic Shadows.esp
15  morevillageanimals.esp
16  MTOH.esp
17  NoRandomDragons.esp
18  Osare OnePiece.esp
19  Pinups.esp
1A  Pinups2.esp
1B  Pinups3.esp
1C  Pupetteer Master.esp
1D  R18Pn - Ritter Armor - Heavy.esp
1E  83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes.esp
1F  RaestlozArmorReplace.esp
20  Raven Set v1.4.esp
21  RichMerchants.esp
22  SeraphimStandAlone.esp
23  Shadow Striping Fix.esp
24  Solitude Repaired.esp
25  TalosCamp.esp
26  Target Training System - TTS.esp
27  WATER - Get Wet.esp
28  WATER.esp
29  Birdsofskyrim.esp
2A  BuildableHouse.esp
2B  DovahkiinEstate.esp
2C  fishchickenlodge.esp
2D  ShootingStars.esp
2E  treeplanting.esp
2F  WeatherMaster.esp
30  AsharaPrinceOfTheWoods.esp
31  All Needs Forfilled Hearthfire Store Room.esp
32  FNISspells.esp
33  AK- Placeable Statics.esp
34  CZHCAD.esp
35  NoMoreAlter.esp
36  CZHCAD_HF.esp
37  serana.esp
38  Billie Church Armour.esp
39  birds.esp
3A  Realistic Lighting Patcher.esp
----> Delinquent MASTER: Realistic Lighting.esp
3B  Realistic Lighting.esp
3C  CookingExpanded.esp
3D  Darkwindv1.esp
3E  DPArmor.esp
3F  DQ3SageOutfit.esp
40  DynamicMerchants.esp
41  FionaOutfit.esp
42  FishingInSkyrim.esp
43  FlansEyesForSkrim.esp  [Version 1.5]
44  Headtracking.esp
45  RemoveAmbientInteriorFog.esp
46  RevampedExteriorFog.esp
47  Combat Princess.esp
48  calyps-razorarmor.esp
49  zzTmBallGown.esp
4A  BloodWitchArmor.esp
4B  Sneaky_Serana.esp
4C  Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp
4D  PotionsBETA.esp
4E  steelmaiden.esp
4F  BetterFishAdded.esp
50  CLARALUX - LightAdjuster - Increased Bright Increased Radius.esp
51  LunariRace.esp
52  warchiefarmor.esp
53  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
54  Destructible_bottles.esp
55  calyps-investigator.esp
56  DemonHunterArmor.esp
57  EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
58  Catwoman Suit.esp
59  Explosive Arrows.esp
5A  Magicka Sabers.esp
5B  MorSit.esp
5C  S&D shadow walker.esp
5D  ShowRaceMenuOptions.esp
5E  HentaiGaleArmor.esp
5F  Toad's Tera.esp
60  Tropical Skyrim -- Birds.esp
61  Tropical Skyrim.esp
62  ActionPoser.esp
63  fpImmersiveMiningFull.esp
64  AOM.esp
65  AOM2.esp
66  Armor Pack IX Part 2.esp
67  CharacterMakingExtender.esp
68  DHuntress.esp
69  Fancy Dress.esp
6A  FariyAngel.esp
6B  FX117 Clothes Pack.esp
6C  ll&D.esp
6D  Pinups4.esp
6E  Pinups5.esp
6F  PinupsEX1.esp
70  PinupsEX3.esp
71  PinupsMen.esp
72  Star Wars Imperial Credits.esp
73  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Dawnguard Interiors.esp
74  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Dungeons.esp
75  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Major City Exteriors.esp
76  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Major City Interiors.esp
77  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Minor Cities and Town Interiors.esp
78  SkyrimAcademy.esp
79  TMRCosplay.esp
7A  PinupsEX2.esp
7B  Tropical Skyrim -- Less Bloom.esp
7C  x117FightersPack.esp
7D  xvisionchildren.esp
7E  YChildren of the Sky.esp
7F  Zoe FX117.esp
80  EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp
81  My Home Is Your Home.esp
82  UFO - Heartfire AddOn.esp
83  AoD - Shelyn.esp
84  GreenWaterFixForWATER.esp

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Have you checked your payprus logs? There in your skyrim game folder. Those hold lots of info it will show everything that has errors and will show everything up to the CTD. I have UFO but even though I have the hearthfire dawnguard and dragonborn DLC's I only use the original one. I see multiple problems right off the bat. Lets see you have 4 Update.esm's and 2 Realistic Lighting.esp I'm pretty sure having multiples of one .esp/esm is never a good thing. Look at the first post in this thread here he had the same problem as you do.

*I'm getting crashes immediately upon trying to load a saved game.* Guy below him points out his Delinquent MASTER'S. CTD might also be caused by a mod conflict or mod that is causing it. I would first remove those Delinquent MASTER'S to see if that fixes it if not you might have to try turning off mods saving try to load repeat till you find which one of them is causing it.



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