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What do you recommend for unlevelling NPC health and monster scaling?

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So I fired up Oblivion again the other day.

Had a Level 10 bladedancer lying around whom I used to test out a couple of things when I rebuilt the game. Fiddled around some more, until wolves got replaced by boars and trolls and no more wolves spawned and enemies took a year to kill. And I remember fighting like mostly trolls, ogres and minotaurs in endgame back when I played it through. Most unlevel mods seem to place like minotaurs and land dreughs around places that you keep running into early game. So, what mods do you use for keeping the insane NPC health scaling in check, as well as low level monsters being replaced by endgame content?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions! :)

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Could't U use some power weapons. there is a lot of power weapons mods in nexusmods.


u can try this armor & weapon by ColourWheels  mod I modded it to fit my game 


add light armor
add missing icons
add enchant to weapon
add cheast with item in testing hall use console and type ( coc testinghall )
power all items


And if u need more weapons and armor let me know.. i have many mod i modify & merge them into few esp 

ColourWheels Sexy Holy Knight Armor HGEC.7z

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Change the health level up

It's a game setting




FPCBaseHealthMult = 2  ( endurance * 2 )

FStatsHealthLevelMult  = 0.1  ( 10% of your endurance )


50 endurance at level 1  = 100 health ( endurance * 2 )

Level up to Level 2 and increase endurance to 52  will be  52*2  ( endurance * 2 ) and 52 * 0.1 (10% of your endurance )  = 104 + 5  = 109 health

If you change FStatsHealthLevelMult  to 0.2  you will have in level 2     104 + 10  = 114 health


You add the game setting in a Mod esp like a bounty change : iCrimeGoldStealHorse  250   or   iCrimeGoldMurder 1000

So you can change how much health you get when leveling up.


Do it with CS or TES4Edit

You can add it to a esp you have ( One you always use in your game )

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