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My VR Game Dilemma

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My VR porngame dilemma…


I want to play 2 games with lots of mods but can’t  seem to figure out which one to play! Both have lots of pro’s and con’s! I seriously cannot be the only one having this dillema right???

Its either Fallout 4 VR or Skyrim VR. And with the last few days, I have been downloading a shit load of mods for Skyrim VR but yet I cannot feel satisfied with what I want!


Fallout 4 VR;


·         Looks better

·         Is newer

·         I haven’t completed the game yet

·         It’s easier to play Survival like style

·         You can build your own house

·         Can use presets on companions!!!!



·         Not a lot of animation mods

·         Not all mods will work due to F4SE

·         Even though the graphics are better, the NPC’s feel smaller compared to Skyrim VR

·         I am told that the world is bigger then Skyrim (with all DLC’s) but it FEELS smaller



Skyrim VR:


·         Lots of animations

·         More mods

·         More mods will work with SKSEVR then Fallout 4 VR does

·         NPC’s looks bigger, so more immersive

·         World FEELS bigger (even with knowing that the dungeons are pretty all the same)




·         Already completed the game

·         It’s older and somewhat repetitive

·         Cant build towns, only a house that has presets

·         Game doesn’t feel balanced with difficulties

·         NPC’s feel dumb, even with immersion mods


·         Melee combat isn’t great with VR

·         Lots of mods on korean sites that we cannot download










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Most of your pro's and con's don't make sense to me, so I would say - play one of them first and then the other. Or switch between them as you feel like.


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