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  1. My VR porngame dilemma… I want to play 2 games with lots of mods but can’t seem to figure out which one to play! Both have lots of pro’s and con’s! I seriously cannot be the only one having this dillema right??? Its either Fallout 4 VR or Skyrim VR. And with the last few days, I have been downloading a shit load of mods for Skyrim VR but yet I cannot feel satisfied with what I want! Fallout 4 VR; Pro’s · Looks better · Is newer · I haven’t completed the game yet · It’s easier to play Survival like style · You can build your own house · Can use presets on companions!!!! Con’s · Not a lot of animation mods · Not all mods will work due to F4SE · Even though the graphics are better, the NPC’s feel smaller compared to Skyrim VR · I am told that the world is bigger then Skyrim (with all DLC’s) but it FEELS smaller Skyrim VR: Pro’s · Lots of animations · More mods · More mods will work with SKSEVR then Fallout 4 VR does · NPC’s looks bigger, so more immersive · World FEELS bigger (even with knowing that the dungeons are pretty all the same) Con’s · Already completed the game · It’s older and somewhat repetitive · Cant build towns, only a house that has presets · Game doesn’t feel balanced with difficulties · NPC’s feel dumb, even with immersion mods · VOICE ACTING SUCKS · Melee combat isn’t great with VR · Lots of mods on korean sites that we cannot download · CANNOT (EASY) USE PRESETS ON FOLLOWERS!! FML.
  2. Hi all, I cannot seem to get Nudesuit to work with 4play. I have Violate, Abduction, Kidnapped, Autonomy, RSE, Prostitution, Vanilla Fudge and Fourplay Sex 'em Up installed. It works ok but I just can't seem to have any nudesuits to trigger during VIOLATE scenes or any other scenes that is NOT made by the trigger guns of Leito or Crazy. All scenes made by the trigger guns works ok - everyone is naked. It has worked before (weeks, months ago) now after coming back to it for a while and installed some new mods, it has changed. I have read that I need to install either NUDESUITS or Schlongs mod. I've had them both and turned off the Schlongs, still didn't work. I've also installed NUDESUITS after all the animation mods, as said in the guide, still doesnt work. I've tried alot of things and searched the internet and forums for hours but I cannot seem to find any.. FYI - I am playing this on VR but it should work, as it already worked a while back... Preddie
  3. Thanks Prinyo! Thought im using FG and Abduction, I cannot seem to 'rape' an restrained NPC. Do you know anyway to fix that? Somebody said in a post that I need to go to SexLab menu but I do not think that works in VR, or I just cant seem to find it..
  4. When did they update this? Yesterday I kept CTD so maybe thats why..
  5. Hi all, Does anyone has this working yet? I installed SKSE yesterday for VR and it worked abit but then it keeps CTD. Now I tried the Lite SE version with Flowergirls and Abduction. All works well without starting up through SKSE, except that I cannot initiate sex during abduction. Does anyone know how or why? I tried Defeat mod but I cannot get it to work.
  6. Could you provide us with a link of where you read that? I cant find anything.
  7. Hey all, I'm new here and I wanted to do a fresh game in VR with all the realistic dangerous that should be in a post apocolypse and that also means sex and rape.. i mean, items VR! Now to get some things to work it needs P4SE which according to my game works.. even though I can't see it in my settings. But the major thing I want to work is MCM. I need MCM to change some settings in RSE, I dont know how to do it otherwise. Though ive read somewhere that MCM isnt compatible with VR (yet?) But I might have an idea. What if I start it up in regular Fallout 4 and adjust the settings to my liking and copy paste the files from the regular FO4 folder to my FO4 VR folder, will this work? If not - does someone has another solution? Many thanks in advance, Preddie
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