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UUNP HDT for Only Monks Can Heal / Gross obnoxious 3D growing Hair

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UUNP HDT for Only Monks Can Heal / Gross obnoxious 3D growing Hair

Exactly what it says on the tin. 

First ever bodyslide conversions (or mod in general) so if you think it's bad do it yourself ;D
I have never done anything in these forums but post troubleshooting shit so I might as well give back what I do make.


Figured I'd upload it seeing as I had yet to find this conversion and hair floating 10 inches above your skin isn't very immersive. 
Kept the chain mail parts rigid above the breasts but they should still have hdt underneath. might clip eventually or with big enough breasts but I prefer it to jiggling metal.


Requires the original mod here.

Huge thanks to nooblet123 for making this mod. ik it's 4 years old and he hasn't been active in months but oh well I stil appreciate the work. (also if nooblet sees this and doesn't want it posted message me, again its my first mod of any sort so idk what im doing lol.)


If this conversion already exists (I couldn't find any hence I made this) then lmk and I'll take it down (or keep it up if mine is better :D).

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    Gross obnoxious 3D growing hair + Only monks can heal + Additive whipmarks, UNP 0.24
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