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Help with load order

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I have absolutely no idea how to organize my load order properly. My save games start to corrupt as soon as I kill the first dragon in the story. It would be great if someone could assist me with organizing the load order.

My PC specs are:

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core
16GB ram

GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER


My current load order:



000 skyrim.esm
001 update.esm
002 dawnguard.esm
003 hearthfires.esm
004 dragonborn.esm
005 unofficial skyrim legendary edition patch.esm
006 apachiihair.esm
007 sexlab.esm
008 devious devices - assets.esm
009 sexlabaroused.esm
010 schlongs of skyrim - core.esm
011 genderbender.esm
012 cratureframework.esm
013 dcc-soulgem-oven-000.esm
014 hdthighheel.esm
015 campfire.esm
016 devious devices - integration.esm
017 devious devices - expansion.esm
018 zazanimationpack.esm
019 highrestexturepack01.esp
020 highrestexturepack02.esp
021 highrestexturepack03.esp
022 weapons & armor fixes_remade.esp
023 clothing & clutter fixes.esp
024 sexlabnudecreatures.eps
025 sexlabnudecreaturesdg.esp
026 sexlabnudecreaturesdb.esp
027 sexlab aroused creatures.esp
028 realistic piercing arrows.esp
029 communityoverlays2_31t50.esp
030 communityoverlays3.esp            (body paint for the Racemenu)
031 communityoverlays1_0t30.esp
032 3pco.esp
033 fiss.esp
034 amatteroftime.esp
035 uiextensions.esp
036 additemmenule.esp
037 complete crafting overhaul_remade.esp
038 book covers skyrim.esp
039 milkmodnew.esp
040 sos - the wilds.esp
041 sos - civilization.esp
042 sexlab_dibellacult.esp
043 sos - the dungeons.esp
044 mrissitailoftroubles.esp
045 hothtrooper44_armorcompilation.esp
046 remodeled armor - vanilla replacer.esp
047 morenastycritters.esp
048 celes nightingale armor.esp
049 summermyst - enchantments of skyrim.esp
050 summermyst - trueweapons.esp
051 weapons & armor_trueweaponslvllists.esp
052 complete crafting_trueweaponslvllists.esp
053 immersive weapons.esp
054 weaponsarmorfixes_immersiveweapons_patch.esp
055 prvti_heavyarmory.esp
056 cum alchemy.esp
057 hentaicreatures.esp
058 sexlab more creatures.esp
059 hornycreatures.esp
060 ufo - ultimate follower overhaul.esp
061 devious lore.esp
062 sofiafollower.esp
063 zia_daedric pack.esp
064 signs_of_skyrim.esp
065 marriable serana.esp
066 knm_mour.esp
067 theamazingworldofbikiniarmor.esp
068 race+.esp
069 equip more rings (8)_en.esp
070 schlongs of skyrim.esp
071 sos - shop.esp
072 deadly dragons.esp
073 sldragons.esp
074 ineed.esp
075 apocalypse - the spell package.esp
076 barenziahquestmarkers.esp
077 merta black rose armor.esp
078 daedriccrossbow.esp
079 cross_crucible.esp
080 cassandra apocrypha robes unp le.esp
081 convenient horses.esp
082 deadlyspellimpacts.esp
083 deadlyspellimpacts - two fire.esp
084 ks hairdo's.esp
085 digitigradekhajiit+argonianraptor.esp
086 skyui.esp
087 dual sheath redux.esp
088 extended ui.esp
089 fnis.esp
090 fnissexymove.esp
091 female mannequins.esp
092 female mannequins in homes.esp
093 fleshfx.esp
094 mlu_heavyarmory patch.esp
095 helmettoggle.esp
096 hothtrooper44_armorpatch.esp
097 ihud.esp
098 lostgrimore.esp
099 marriable serana hf.esp
100 racemenu.esp
101 remodeled armor - vanilla replacer - dawnguard.esp
102 sexlabdefeat.esp
103 nibblesanimobjects.esp
104 slalanimobjbillyy.esp
105 slanimloader.esp
106 sosracemenu.esp
107 sexlabtools.esp
108 sexlabmatchmaker.esp
109 skyhud.esp
110 souls_quick_menu.esp
111 summermyst-mlu patch.esp
112 the eyes of beauty - elves edition.esp
113 tkdodge.esp
114 sos - ttt futanarium wballs addon.esp
115 takenotes.esp
116 thecoenaculicbbe.esp
117 milkmod_milkpumpsfancy.esp
118 theeyesofbeauty.esp
119 wetandcold.esp
120 wetandcold - ashes.esp
121 wm_widgetmod.esp
122 xpmse.esp
123 yot - your own thoughts.esp
124 zab.esp
125 hothtrooper44_armor_ecksstra.esp
126 racemenuplugin.esp
127 remodeled armor - vanilla replacer - dragonborn.esp
128 imperious - races of skyrim.esp
129 sos - vectorplus regular addon.esp
130 yot - ineed.esp
131 zau.esp
132 zbw.esp
133 zch.esp
134 zga.esp
135 zkn.esp
136 zkt.esp                                             (the short esp names starting with z are part of Zim's immersive artifacts)
137 marriagemod - alpha v3.esp
138 zms.esp
139 zna.esp
140 znb.esp
141 zni.esp
142 zsm.esp
143 zsy.esp
144 zth.esp
145 zwt.esp
146 milkmodnew cf.esp
147 milkmodnew hf.esp
148 milkmodnew sanbox.esp
149 paper world map - lighting edit.esp
150 paper world map - solstheim.esp
151 milkmodnew zaz sanbox.esp
152 ordinator - perks of skyrim.esp
153 apocalypse - ordinator compatibility patch.esp
154 first person ordinator.esp
155 mlu.esp
156 mlu - summermyst.esp
157 alternate start - live another life.esp
158 warburg's 3d paper world map - texture 1.esp
159 dual sheath redux patch.esp



Thanks in advance.

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First of all, did you run LOOT? It does give you a pretty serviceable baseline for your LO in general, then you need to check the mod descriptions to see if they need to be above or below other specific mods, or if they are even compatible with eachother. Also, it's highly advised to build a bashed patch to resolve conflicts with leveled lists.


It'd be beneficial to post your log as well, if it contains a large number of errors in a short play session and/or if it's quite large in size, there easily might be more to your game than just a wonky load order.


A word of advice: put that modlist under a spoiler tag, so it won't make your post needlessly long.

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21 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:


At a glance, your load order contains many deeply out of date mods.


When getting mods, look for published/last updated dates.  As a rule of thumb, anything pre-2015 should be instantly marked as suspect.  The modding tools and modder standard practices were rough in 2014. This isn't to say a 2014 mod is instantly bad while a 2020 mod is gold, but I would generally say pre 2015 should be avoided.


Some examples from your load order:

23 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:

024 sexlabnudecreatures.eps
025 sexlabnudecreaturesdg.esp
026 sexlabnudecreaturesdb.esp

These are very old and unsupported now.  Use More Nasty Critters instead.

24 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:

040 sos - the wilds.esp
041 sos - civilization.esp

Sounds of Skyrim had many issues that could lead to save corruption.  May have been solved, maybe not.

25 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:

105 slanimloader

? Not an esp ?

25 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:

131 zau.esp
132 zbw.esp
133 zch.esp
134 zga.esp
135 zkn.esp
136 zkt.esp


26 minutes ago, ArschGaul said:

082 deadlyspellimpacts.esp
083 deadlyspellimpacts - two fire.esp

Older versions of these caused save problems.  AFAIK newer ones are fine.  I have no idea how old your versions are from the load order.


As a general practice, loading a shit-ton of mods and playing only guarantees that 1) things will break quickly, and 2) you will have no idea what caused the problem.


Develop (over long hours of playing) a solid core that works for you and throws few errors/experiences NO CTDs and NO save issues.  That is the foundation to build from.  It will be a lot fewer mods than you would like.  Once you have that foundation, then build upon it.


If I am going to make significant load order changes to my game, I strip out anything I can live without and play to level 20 or so to get a feel for how this load order works for me.  Assuming no issues, I build another five (or ten if they are very dissimilar) mods onto the pile and start over from level 1 through upper teens.  Rinse repeat until you experience issues (you now have a small list of five mods to check for what is generating the symptoms*).


* Symptoms doesn't mean a bad mod, just a bad mod interaction.  Two perfectly fine mods can break each other if they aren't compatible, making whichever got loaded second look like it is the problem.


If this sounds like hours of endless entertainment... yeah.


The end result of a process like this is being able to merge mods and run thousands of them without crashes.

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