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Patreon and Discord modders

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In my eternal search for the best mods for Fallout I've been looking at the Media section on the Nexus and realized that the most amazing and sexy armors and clothing pieces are no longer posted on Nexus or any other larger mod site. 


Rather, it's become a treasure hunt on Patreon, Discord and other sites, finding that one modder you know delivers quality stuff. 


I don't know this might be controversial  since a lot of these modders do require support. 



So realizing this hunt is part of the fun of playing Fallout I wanted to post this to ask who are you following, how and where? :D



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Vtaw definitely one of the best clothing modders out there. Makes his OWN STUFF in bulk and releases it for public after some time. IF you want to get it sooner, you can as a supporter which is nice.




I despise people that steal stuff from others and make it their "own", looking at you snake101 then paywalling it.


Animationwise id suggest you look at savage Cabbage here on loverslab or bp70, who as well makes his own stuff and releases it with the possibility to get it sooner when you support them.



If anybody else has some good authors/modders discords and patreons share them please :) Nexus is a shithole and modders are no longer comfortable with posting stuff on a forum with corrupt moderators and irresponsible people who behave like a kid, whos running for president in an elementary school, promissing 2 lunches and soda machine in every classroom.

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I never really liked those monthly subscription fees, unless the project is one that lends itself well to that, such as supporting the creating of a whole video/porn games and its development cycle from scratch.

When it comes to such things as cool outfits for my characters I'd rather only pay for what I really want, if I pay at all. The idea of monetizing everything including mods has never been a favorite of mine. That being said these are difficult times for many and I am relatively fortunate in that I am not in immediate danger, so for the next few months I may be willing to support modders instead of just wholesale developers on a subscription basis, but of course only the ones who do quality male stuff as that is what interests me most and compared to the female stuff there is a relative lack of stuff for the digital boys.


So if anyone here knows any Patreons of modders like that, please do share.

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On 5/7/2020 at 1:48 PM, MirageSPL said:

I love Jmenaru's stuff, especially his custom skin. No way to sub for Patreon creators though cause money is tight even if I wanted to, especially now. If anyone's got a Discord link that I can leech off for now, that would be great.

Can you please send me a link where he offers his skin?

Or at least some pictures about its features.

Thank you.

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On 5/24/2020 at 7:36 AM, ZI0MATRIX said:

Can you please send me a link where he offers his skin?

Or at least some pictures about its features.

Thank you.

It's under the $10/month on his Patreon. He doesn't explicitly state that he'll give the skin but he says, and I quote, "Exclusive Access to private mods that will not be publicly released".


Link to his Patreon:


Link to a mod of his on Nexus with his private skin:


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