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  1. I had planned an internship in Japan this winter, however due to WuFlu/CCP-Virus/Covid Japan closed its borders for most countries. The only countries that are not on their ban list are countries that closed their borders early against the recommendations of the WHO. So atm there is close to no way to get into japan. If you some rare high skill deep sea mining dude then there is a chance that they let you stay for two weeks in some quarantine facility an then you can work there. My country allowed again Japanese people to enter it with the deal that Japan would do the same. The issue is that my country is a member of the EU and thus high covid risk people could bypass the ban and come over my country to japan--> Japan said no. I also want to move into another country--> to Japan. I have learned the language, culture manners, have some useful skills and want to be a productive member of their society. But because of selective immigration it is a relatively high fence you have to jump over. On the other side, it prevents the kind of people I don't want to have their from entering the Japan. You have to have a company that is your employer(you have to have a job). You will never be a Japanese national, you only get a permanent recidency status(kind of a permanent visa) after some years in which you have proven that you can take care of yourself, this way they can get rid of you if you turn out to be a*insert curse word*. If you started a family there they will not throw you out, given you did not commit a crime. (and if first you go to prison, no minority bonuses, and then get kicked out) ... It just bothers me right know that the internship might be either cancelled or that I have to wait until there is vaccine.
  2. I have these for the body morph sliders, but I am looking for slider values for the face. I would love to download some preset that has a feature/style I like and start mixing it into my face preset. "Nose length A 1,30 B 0,80 --> 1,05"
  3. Is there an option/mod to see the values of each slider like in Skyrim Racemenu? Doing stuff blind/just by feel is a bit unhandy .
  4. Some kind of small mod list are pretty much automatic. IF you follow the AAF guide in order to have the basic lewd stuff working then yeah this is some kind of sub modding list. That is the same with physics for certain body types or stuff for the Workshop. But because things change (and their required mods) it is close to impossible to give and maintain a modding list that covers a Fallout that is maxed out in graphics game play and stuff. Then there are a lot of manual edits that can't be uploaded since they might use assets from various mod authors that might disagree of them being used in a certain way.(or only work under certain conditions)
  5. Might be just some bodyslide preset. And I am sure MxR is using the unique player mod. He might just have altered the Piper clothing/armor in bodyslide to make a point.
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42803/ newest version I could find.
  7. Maybe you can get some inspiration from this mod that also does body writing
  8. Comparable to his other one. However the one posted here on LL is slightly more top heavy. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22567
  9. Thank you for the update, and the installer option for the resolution since I recently switched my facial one this became handy.
  10. I got new information on that issue. Besides from the f4ee.ini issue (what loooksmenu is able to handle) there is something else. Fallout 4 doesn't like it when the textures you slap on the face are of different resolutions. This includes textures like the normal and specular map, and for some reason the specular map has as default a lower resolution than the other textures(thus even vanilla games can have this bug.) What does this mean for us? You have to check mods that ad textures to the face. This includes various "clean face" ,"no wrinkle" , eye brows(lashes), face tattoos, face overlays and makeup,... mods. I don't believe that eye textures them self are a part of this. decide for what resolution you go. 1k 2k 4k... and only install stuff that fits into your... let's say 2k standard.
  11. To busy to make a full photo shooting so this is more of a technical nature. Aside from the areola texture(large nipple), I modified the normal map for the areola and veins. Modified the specular map for the nipples and milk. Failed to transform the leak texture into a normal map. (Photoshop crashes every time I try that). Because even water droplets have 3D structure so why not milk? Thank you CrocWearingCrocs for telling me how to make angled shots. Now the screenshots: Here a guide if you want to do that yourself: That is all for now. Feel free to ask if you have questions or give feedback. Maybe a like if it was helpful. Have a nice day everyone! Old Version:
  12. Ok for those who wonder how to make the nipples with such large size. This is an easy version. Generally if you are more proficient with such programs you can make better results(please tell me how). Now what you need: A program that can handle dds files, like some version of Photoshop(Gimp?) The "larger" your character is the better higher resolution textures are. The one I use: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28809. You can pick what you like. Install it. Areolas/nipples Textures: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57157 You can pick from them what you like. I think "Speckle Blam" is the largest one. Do not install it, it is just a source for textures. Go to steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\textures\actors\character\basehumanfemale and make a backup of femalebody_d.dds in case you mess up. (call the backup whatever you like "femalebody_dold.dds") 1.Load skin texture femalebody_d.dds in Photoshop 2. Pull in your areola texture 3. Position it at the top left corner 4.And drag it over the whole skin, it should fit perfectly, press ENTER . 5. The tool to make the texture fit into your skin. 6. Now it looks more organic 7.Test it in game, if the effect is too weak, add another layer, repeat the process. When saving: Texture: Color + Alpha, Compression: DTX5 or BC3 linear. Generate mipmaps. In bodyslide it looks darker than it actually in game is. You can add other fancy stuff, like combining textures or add some veins or milk leaking (BAC has a furry option) from: It is in the Skyrim - Being a Cow - Tats 1.7e.7z file. The same trick works with the other texture layers(Specular map or Normal Map). But there you first need to convert the texture of your liking and try out on how intense you want to have it. Some Examples: This is an old version with just the diffuse map modified For color intensity Just one or two layer and a slightly modified specular and normal map. I use this for NPCs. Player character (WIP): multiple layers or areola textures, modified normal map and specular map for areola, veins and leaking. I was unable to transform the leak texture into a normal map texture(photoshop crashes every time). Maybe someone can help here. It is the liqb.dds from the BAC textures. Effects may vary on graphics and weather conditions(your ENB if you are using one, this here is PRC). Old Version Screens. I am happy about every form of feedback on this guide.
  13. Making a wonderful face which still has its own characters is difficult. You have to do it slowly, you see something and you need to understand how it works (on you) and tackle one feature at a time. If the face is unknown, it is because ZatanicGC' never uploaded it somewhere. About the face, there is some thing that might help. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/359 especially this one is good to remove the nasiolabial fold. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5958 This should give you a good basis, now you need to look at nexus for eyes, eyelashes, makeup and stuff. The Body.... for me it looks like it is also self made but with inspiration from other bodies( at least I work this way ). The top reminds me a little of https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32026# But Zatanic had smoothen/balanced the nipple / puffy/ perky stuff and I assume he gave under the breasts sliders the "Gone slider" a negative value and balanced it via the "Silly Huge" a positive value and "Smaller 1 and 2" a negative values. This way you can make the root of the breast smaller, give it a bit mass under the nipple line, and give it an overall drop shape. Make it pointy via the perky sliders from breasts and nipples You have to balance all that via the "Size" breast slider(negative value). Add some gravity and maybe reduce the height and you should come pretty close. There is an "exotic" preset set that I downloaded to learn, but is is good because it shows how to give those udders some weight. The lower body goes into this direction https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39243 About the hair.... this looks like something from this https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11402?tab=images&BH=9 but he changed the color/texture https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21365?tab=description
  14. Then length can be done via the "Gone" and "Length" slider. Cone shape via Puffy and Perkiness sliders. For the Areola Size.... The Slider can help a little but if you want to look it like that you need to modify you skin texture. Here is a rough outline on what you need to do. The areolas texture this modder is using are mostly from the TitKit. I did this process myself but one of the reasons why no one offers their skin is that they are made with assets from different mod authors.
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