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  1. When youre building bodyslides, build only the nude version.
  2. Havent seen it posted anywhere. Those bikinis look really well made, so just give it time. Also you can request it on oficial Fusion Girl Conversions post, where people post those ports.
  3. Mod organizer or Vortex. Vortex is easier to handle, mod organizer requires some more work to setup
  4. Hi guys, anybody knows where to get this snake101 mod? Patreon no longer shows "adult" stuff so I cant download it from there without subbing. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, anybody knows where to get this mod? Patreon no longer shows "adult" stuff so I cant download it from there without subbing. Thanks.
  6. Figured it out. Buffout finaly gave me a message that NAC was not setup correctly and had an error that lead to a memory leak. Everything is fine now. I have no idea why buffout hadnt told me sooner. Sry for bothering yall
  7. Hei guys. So I had to reinstall entire fallout 4 and have a hard time getting UAP to work. I followed entire guide here: but when I open pipboy my fucking game crashes. I use Vortex, I have installed buffout and all its requirements... Iam out of options (i think). I tried countless reinstall of said patches, but still CTD. I installed UAP, unchecked Leito patch. Then I installed Leito staged plus and loaded it after UAP. My load order: Id be grateful for any advice on how to set it up correctly. Thank you.
  8. I followed everything in AAF instalation guide here -> but cant seem to get it working. I unfortunately had to reinstall Fallout, so i have to setup AAF and everything from scratch. I have all the mods required and their own requirements like redist libraries (Buffout) etc... My issues are: -Clicking on DATA in pipboy CTDs -Some animations have broken penises I dont know what am I doing wrong at this point, so id be happy for any help with this issue, since UAP patch doesnt seem to work for me (without it i dont get CTD in pipboy) My load order: Thank you for your time guys.
  9. Nah, it works. Issue was with missing redistributable (for wings) and running app as an admin. Everything works as it did before thanks for help.
  10. No, thats the strange thing. It works, but T-Poses females in skyrim
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