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Can't get Human-Human Pregnancies to work on RJW


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Good Day! First time posting here, and first time using RJW too I love the mod, but I have an issue with the pregnancies system in that my human pawns can't seem to get pregnant when mating with other human pawns however, when my human pawns mate with animals they are able to get pregnant, despite the high fertility, and with me even trying to set the pregnancy chance to 100% when both humans are mating, but nothing happens I can't seem to get the pregnancy stat to appear on the human either.


A Picture of my mod Load order and Settings I placed, is anyone else getting similar issues? or could there be any conflicts with my mods?

My Load order


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5 hours ago, alexfiend_ said:

So from testing ive found that changing pregnancy probability takes a new game to go into effect for some reason

Oh I see, sorry was asleep will try testing this in my freetime later too i'm using Nephilia but i don't have Royals (The non-Royals Nephilia version was not available) maybe that's causing issues also?

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I usually have problems with RJW updating and its settings as well. Sometimes I would enable debug mode and wild mode for testing which should enable rape anybody, but on update those settings have no effect, but starting a new game fixes that. Not sure what's up with that.

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I got a hero instead to repeatedly mate with one of my colonists


I disabled Nephilia, and started a new game pregnancies and children worked, I don't think it was Nephilia (removing it did remove a lot of errors though since I didn't have royals).

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