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  1. Yeah heads up, rjw just updated to 4.9.0 and addons need to update too.
  2. yeah should be fixed in the latest version, reverted something that wasn't working right
  3. huh, I thought it was a replacer. I can fix it.
  4. Ah, for beast you'll need to use the beast interactiontypes from RJW under rjw/1.3/Defs/InteractionDef/Breeding
  5. Make sure you're updated to the latest version of all mods, use my lazy updater I posted awhile ago to help you do so quickly
  6. It just clones each repository with git, pretty much the same as downloading from the website only faster.
  7. Hmmm, when deleting buildings? Maybe having an ideo building is mandatory? It looks like, just based off what error messages we have, there's a missing icon for some UI element, but it's hard to tell without an error log, I'm afraid You're sure it's my mod that's causing it? Doesn't happen when mine is uninstalled?
  8. I left some debugging log info if you enable debug mode in the anim settings, try enabling it and seeing what it says regarding the types and races
  9. Sweet! Actually, how is modded Rimworld on Linux? I'm interested in getting a Steam Deck which runs Arch, for some portable Rimworld goodness
  10. make sure you don't install the folder nested, if you're still having weirdness ask for help on discord
  11. Heads up everyone, I made a series of updates which should fix weirdness involving rotations and alien races. Let me know if you still experience weirdness.
  12. update sexperience update rjw, preferably using the lazy installer
  13. I made a pull request with some bug fixes for the latest everything, mostly to do with changes to RJW Sexprops c0ffeee/RJW-Sexperience (github.com)
  14. someone posted this in discord earlier pawnmoprher-animation patch - Pastebin.com
  15. make sure you delete the old version before pasting or use LazyInstaller
  16. I think I fixed bugs related to the sexprops in the latest update but there are a handful of bugs in the RJW base mod. Make sure you've updated to the latest versions of both.
  17. Figured that would happen. v2 should reinstall your mod with git version control if you ask for it
  18. You might have to delete the existing version of the mod before you run all the installers. Or just rename the folder in the .bat file, but make sure those folders already have a git repo in them.
  19. So many mods! How to install them all quickly? How to make sure your mods are updated easily? Lazy Installer and Updater for RJW and Submods [for Windows] C0ffees-Lazy-Installer-Updater-v2.8.zip How to use: 1. Make sure you have Git installed https://git-scm.com/downloads 2. Place C0ffees-Lazy-Installer-Updater.bat in /RimWorld/mods/ folder 3. Double-click to run; all outdated mods will update! ___________ Fancy Alternatives NPM solution by @Lughir Bash solution for Linux by @HurfDurr Python Auto-Updating Solution by @Techno665 v2.8 - wording for betterrjw v2.7 - Moved Rimnosis out of optional; can autoinstall and autoupdate now v2.6 - Tweaked some things, moved rimjobworld ideology addon to optional for now because WIP v2.4 - fixed bug with updating and too many cd .. causing mods to install in rimworld folder rather than mods folder V2 - more mods, /...-master/ folder support for already installed mods, reinstall mods for git, nicer formatting Some mods won't work because they don't have a git repository, but this should make things a little more convenient for the many that do. If there's any mods with Git version control that you think I should add or was recently added to a Git repository, let me know!
  20. also I updated to RJW 4.8.0 for everyone waiting
  21. nope, the files on HAR github come precompiled, just install into your mods folder
  22. use RJW Race Support if you're using alien races
  23. Currently, regular orgy parties can happen on top of the rituals. You think I should prevent from happening if you have the ritual, or at least have an option to disable them?
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