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Follower mod request <<<<URGENT!>>>>

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Hello friends of LL,


I recently came over this breton character preset over on Nexus! Much as I would like to play as Snips. I would like her more as a follower with a CBBE body? Maybe make her a healer even? I know I know, people would just say make her myself with the CK but I suck a lot at it, and I'm sure some kind soul on my much loved website could take a little time out of their life to make this request a real thing? You'd be the best bro there ever was! Anyways, just asking!



Link to the Preset,




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I believe the textures for the mod are for UNP. If you want CBBE, you are going to have to pick out a different body texture. I don't know if that will mess up the presets or not.  I'm really not qualified to say much more, just a observation I made. Good luck though, I'm sure someone can work out the kinks for you. 

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