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Exception upon lot load: sims4.tuning.instances.TURBODRIVER:WickedWhims_Social_Mixer_Exhibitionism_Ask_To_Undress_Shoes

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I just brought a sim back to home and got the following exception caught by TwistedMexi Better exceptions: 


<desyncdata>Exception during call to test method on &lt;class 'sims4.tuning.instances.TURBODRIVER:WickedWhims_Social_Mixer_Exhibitionism_Ask_To_Undress_Shoes'&gt; (TypeError: Expected a Vector2, a Vector3, or 2 numeric values)&#13;&#10;Traceback (most recent call last):&#13;&#10; ....

Full stacktrace can be found attached. I also attached the report generated by better exceptions in case it is useful.

Has anyone encountered this problem? I never saw that exception before. 


lastException.txt BE-ExceptionReport.html

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