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Random: The Ability to Fo4 Role Play as a Prostitute

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Niche question: there are ton of good mods here on LL (and now nexus) that allow a player to fully immerse in a prostitutes playstyle. I've set up a small list (anyone interested just ask, I can give recommendation), and it all works out pretty well. Even the main quest is "gone" or optional. I have 1 problem though....how would it logically make sense to leave 1 area or town in this run through at all? The game is technically easy, even without caps or weapons, if I travel the commonwealth, It's not threatening. If I wanted to travel from goodneighbor to diamond city, I can just sneak my way around. But what are the incentives? Idk if anyone can add to this but I'd like some perspective in making a playthrough like this feasible.

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You could take influences from some of the mods here for F4.  Question would be what kind of " prostitution " is your gameplay set for?


You could say that your character ( if using vanilla start ) woke up and the world is so different that he/she has no real idea about how things work now.  Or if you use Start Me Up, wake up wherever you selected, with a background you chose.   And the encounter in Concord was the perfect example.   In turn you start to offer yourself to those in sanctuary, and find that you have no real reason to leave now that you have found a bit a stable life giving all that has happened. 


You could take hints now from both RSE Brothels and Happy Hookers and have some form of encounter or " thought " of after a bit of time offering your services in or around sanctuary an NPC mentions you should check out Goodneighbor or a settlement further south, to increase your reputation and get more options.   Happy Hookers older versions had one of my favorite functions, the permit systems for custom player housing and settlements.  Where a client would say meet you at Cambridge Condo and you offer your services in a more higher class setting.  Brothels mod has random quests where you end up helping other hookers, take revenge on npcs being too rough and just offering your services to widen your reputation.


You could have your character starting off in sanctuary using base game clothing, and as you get more clients and or find yourself in one of the major cities/settlements you start using nicer clothing/armor.  Could just be the sequin dress and red dress, or some mods.  There is a mod on nexus that makes the player flag for supermutants as neutral/friendly so you could go along the line of eventually getting enough reputation they want to your talents.  


Thats just my quick thoughts.   I have almost always turned the Southeast Boston Red Rocket close to that junkyard and military checkpoint into a brothel catered to supermutants.

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