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  1. I'm sorry, I might be confused. If I remember correctly, SlaveTats was this mod: The mod you linked doesn't reference the original slavetats at all unless I missed it dramatically. In which case, I'd assume the mod I'm talking about isn't actually required at all? Apologies for misunderstanding, would you mind clarifying a little more?
  2. hey @nomkaz been a while since I last used this mod, I'm actually reinstalling SE with a fresh set. This mod has been great in the past, but looking over the features that changed, it sounds like SlaveTats is required. At least to me, coming from Oldrim. Does the Trauma feature (or any feature actually) require SlaveTats converted to SE? I'd rather not use SlaveTats if I can help it. Thanks for continuing to edit/convert/support these mods!
  3. Definitely did a good job at that, that's what lead me to ask.
  4. I love the lighting, the character, the poses... Well done. Looks awesome as always, but I notice youre using a ghoul replacer... Do they still have their dangly bits with this replacer?
  5. Ah, okay I thought I saw a few updates to this the past month. Even still, I'll give it a go. Most armors from the base game are what I see in leveled lists anyway.
  6. @Tentacus I'm about to start trying this mod out now, that I've seen it's been supported and updated frequently. Looks awesome. Few questions though: -Does it matter if I'm using CBBE or Fusion Girl? -Am I understanding this correctly: When you receive an owned item and put it in a container, the container status now assumes everything inside is "Owned"? -Why exactly is removing all items at once so bad for the game? There's no way around this at all? (nbd just curious) -And lastly, are all mod-added items supported, or just the ones listed (mojave/recon/etc...) I was thi
  7. Happens to me as well, I never had a problem though. Must be Windows. Although I can't remember if there was a Windows update or not, but I got this mod minutes after SilverPerv released it (he notified me in another thread) and there wasn't a flag then. But since I can't redownload the mod and the older version on my was quarantined, can we get a reup?
  8. Weird.... because according to my UI, SC Furniture animations play...well on the ground. I get the Double Bed animation very often, but it plays on the ground. So....would that make a difference?
  9. I'll run 154 tomorrow and give it a go with people and SMs, still nothing on any of the dogs for me
  10. Okay, so latest AAF on last version of Simple Patch. Wonderful to know, but would the statement you made on Supermutant/Dog + FM still apply? Since SavageCabbage actually has several animation sets for both...
  11. Okay, makes sense. I've only been running around with in a limited NPC world and haven't come across another human yet. WIll try there and see what happens. Secondly, if SEU offers a way to see the UI, I'd want to see. Not sure if it does tbh. But I do have violate enabled but the UI off. I'll try it on and see how it goes. Thanks for the swift replies on the troubleshooting, I appreciate your help 👍
  12. I don't get banners. Granted i might have a unique situations. Have a female character, playing with the sandbox mod Fallout 4-76. Using AAF SEU to trigger scenes with Dogmeat and Strong. No banners. Specifically, trying to use SuperMutant + F and Dogmeat + F animations. No banners. Tried with AAF 147 (the only version i'm using currently) and Simple Patch 5 and 6.5. neither one gave banners. Everything else works though... Should I have the original banner mod installed?
  13. I'm using the prior AAF version though. With the latest Simple Patch update. Should that make a difference?
  14. What/When do the banners trigger? I have yet to see them... Otherwise the mod works flawlessly.
  15. I have been trying to avoid broken precombines for a while. I have noticed some really terrible performance with some mods that do that. I actually am going to try Unique Player CBBE with customs textures... because using custom textures on multiple NPCs (and adding more NPCs overall) happen to slow my game down. But I don't think that is a computer issue, I am thinking that is more of a game engine issue....
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