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LST Encounters

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LST Encounters
v 1.0



Similar in concept to Lovers Encounters, LST Encounters allows you to hear some rumors about slaves and their masters... well, at least those you've personally handles with Lovers Slave Trader.  That being said, this is an add-on for the LST system.  So yeah...  LoversSlaveTrader is required..


Of course,  these messages are for acts between  a slave  and its trainer/owner when you're not around.


It operates with a simple hour tracker, clumsy as it is.  This tracker currently works best if no 'waiting' occurs  for long wait periods.  I do wish to work on it more. But you don't want messages to occur too often.


Special note.  The Tamago application built into this mod does not determine if sperm is created for the recipient if the recipient is male or female. Instead, it looks to see if the recipient has a womb. This is a simple concession to any who made it possible for males to get knocked up.



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    Oblivion, OBSE, Lovers with PK, LoversSlaveTrader


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