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Can't invite other sims to sex interaction in progress - refuse to join

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So recently i started new save, and i'm fairly sure i got all the settings right. But i can't really ask other sims to join interaction between my sim and NPC - so no sex between more than two sims. Asked sims refuse, basing it on poor relationship with other NPC sim, awkward conversation or having significant other - this never happened to me before.
-I have always accept on
-I have instant start on
- all elements under Autonomy awareness are off (thought it may help; it didn't)

Any suggestions?

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This is most likely a WW bug with the new "respect gender preference" code (disabling that might be helpful, although I don't know for sure). The issue has popped up right after the update and was reported numerous times already.

The trick is to pay attention to the message/notification you're getting when a Sim refuses the sex proposal.

If it's due to the target Sim finding your Sim unattractive, disable the attraction and personality features in WW's settings (I always play with them off anyway).

If it's due to constraints like a Sim not wanting to cheat on their partner, disable global jealousy and enable polyamorous relationships globally.

If it's simply due to the relationship between both Sims being too low (which can also pop up when relationship is maxed), set sex autonomy to "extreme". That, together with "always accept" is like some kind of cheat - basically your putting the game into "full orgy mode".

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