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[CRDE]: the player in the scene, busy

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The only part of your post I actually understand is "player ... busy" which is something I've run into before, when an NPC is already running some code associated with an animation or other scripted event, and the player cannot interact with them (This person is Busy").  In my experience, it's usually some multi-person animation that has been compromised (an attack interrupted it, the script engine is overtaxed, etc), or something else has broken or interrupted the animation script


When it happens, one thing that sometimes helps is "reset all animations" from SexLab.


Sometimes hitting the "end" key  - the key(s) you've assigned to end animations, either from Sexlab, or Flower girls or whatever) will allow the stalled animation to continue (just had it happen from flower girls last night) 


Otherwise... idk.

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