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Spell Duration Bug

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Is there a bug in the CK when it comes to spell durations?

I decided to start from scratch to see if maybe I missed something up but it doesn’t appear to be the case. For example look at the following spell \ magi effect. It’s meant to last an hour but when I wait an hour in game only 3 minutes of in game time pass.

If this is a known bug then I can get around it by using 3 minutes every time I want something to last one hour of in game time but that seems like a really huge oversight on Bethesda’s part.

ME Test.jpg

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This Spell use nothing. And its a day, not a hour.

If the Casting Type= Fire and Forget, Event OnEffectFinish is triggered instant.


These kinds of effects are stateless.

The reason for many warnings in papyrus.log "Cannot ... blablabla ... on a none object"



PS: I think, a hour or day is a in game time, not real time. ;)

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