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Nisas Last Exception?

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Hello, I recently installed the Sims 4 expansion packs, namely Get Famous, Magical Realms, and Tiny Living. After installing these, I noticed the thing for the Nisas Exception in the top right. The game launches fine, but the Wicked menu in the bed does not have anything to click except for "settings". The rest of the mods all seemed to be working fine.


Does anyone know what this means?? I don't know anything about programming or anything and am still fairly new to mods and am not sure how to fix this.

I attached the exception file.


Thank you.


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First, update both WW and Nisa's Wicked Pervs to the latest version - as well as the game itself and Basemental Drugs. For Wicked Pervs, the 2.5 update (and following fixes) took care of some bugs. Note that if you're playing TS4 Legacy Ediition, BMD and Wicked Pervs won't work, as they don't support Legacy.

Next, try launching the game with only these mods. WW, BMD and Wicked Pervs are among the best tested mods out there, so they are most likely not the cause of any issue. If the game runs smoothly with only those three mods, try the rest of your mods (a few at a time or 50/50) to find out what's causing your issue.

If you need/want more help, please upload "LastException.txt" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4". That file is generated by the game itself and often contains useful information exclusive to the game's own error logging.

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