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Compatible Combat Mods?

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The vanilla combat in Skyrim served its purpose back in 2011, but it's not that exciting on the twentieth playthrough. There's a plethora of mods out there to remedy this issue, but a lot of them flat out don't work, or aren't otherwise compatible with large load orders full of LoversLab mods. A lot of mods on this site play around with scenarios that require the player to be downed in combat as well, it's therefore important to make those encounters both more challenging and interesting.


I'm always running Wildcat, it's light enough to work with every list I've had so far. I'd love to also run Ultimate Combat.. but it's incompatible with several of the more popular LL mods (especially creature ones.) So instead of extensively playtesting the rest of the combat mods out there I figured I'd go ahead and ask what sort of combat overhauls people have already had success with.


What combat mods are you using on your Loverslab playthroughs?

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21 hours ago, Nefermandias said:

I'm using Ultimate Combat for like my 10th playthrough, and the only time  I had a conflict was during whipping scenes with Sexlab Slaves.

It also breaks stuff like giant and dragon priest anims due to its skeletons, but that's a bit more niche.

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