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dotssims - Angie Ja-Hyun

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Brief Description: Born in South Korea, Angie is a talented freelance artist. After finishing secondary school and moving to San Myushino, she hopes to achieve a certain level of success in the turbulent commission-based art industry. Between amassing fame and fortune, she'd certainly prefer the latter.

Nationality: South Korean

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Occupation: Freelance Artist 

Main Skills: Dancing (2) / Logic (2) / Media Production (2) / Painting (5) / Photography (3) 

Traits: Loner / Snob / Art Lover / Marketable (Reward) / Observant (Reward) / Muser (Aspiration) 

Reputation/Fame: None / None



About this file: A cutey Asian sim I've been playing with recently. I currently have every expansion pack as of 4/12/2020, so certain items may or may not appear depending on what packs you have. Hope y'all enjoy! Thanks you to all who download/comment and to all CC creators listed at the bottom of this post!


PS: All screenshots were taken while using my own Reshade filter.




  1. Download the .zip file (Click "Download this file --> "Download")
  2. Extract all of the enclosed content into your "Tray" folder. This is usually found as: c:\[your name]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray
  3. Open The Sims 4 and access your Gallery. Locate the household by searching "dotssims" or by searching via household name. Remember have turn on "Include Custom Content".







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