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Insignificant Object Remover wont install properly MO2

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I am trying to get the mod: Insignificant Object Remover https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/3354 to work with MO2... it has an installer but is not correct. I run the installer select all options and hit manual to check and it says no data folder selected, I tag the top directory as data but this still shows a problem. Anyone know the solution? There is some discussion about NMM but I haven't found anything for MO2

Threw is advice about changing some code as well and I tried it to no avail...


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The installer works as intended (just tested with MO You follow the installer instruction, make your choices and press Install, not Manual. Because if you press Manual you're not using the installer.


If you want to do a manual install you'll need to set as data directory one of the subfolders which contain an esp file (for example "full" "onlykelp" or "onlypebbles"). But you won't be able to pick the additional meshes to remove other stuff. At which point you would have a better time unpacking the mod, picking the meshes and one esp file and making a new zipped file out of that to add it to MO.

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