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55 minutes ago, XXXPMXXX said:

Hello there, 
I'm pretty sure I read all the topics about the last exception thingy here, but with the new update, I'd rather be sure I'm not wrong before doing anything. I should have done the Origin update but my internet's been messing around those days, should I redowload it ? 
Thanks for the answers !

lastException_63722563440.txt 4.58 kB · 2 downloads

Outdated Tunable Resource requires removing.

Tunable Game Resource with name 'Gardening_Harvest_Continuation' contains incorrect/outdated information.

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10 hours ago, XXXPMXXX said:

I don't even know what this is, it doesn't seems to appear in my files... How do I know where to find it to remove it ?
Thanks for the answer tho ! 

Type gardening in the mods folder search bar.....or scroll down in the mods folder...mods are alphabetical....

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