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FausTTerM's Clothing

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FausTTerM's Clothing

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Hello comrades. I won't rant much, I think going to the page with the modification the last thing you want is to read a huge wall of useless text.


So here's a link to my Patreon if you want to support me, and get updates for my modifications before they come out on loverslab.

And of course the link to my Discord Where you can throw off examples of clothing that could be implemented in the game.


The pack includes:


Maid's costume (Full Body)                                       4 colors

Maid's cap (Accessory)                                             4 colors

Apron on the naked body (Top)                               4 colors

Belt on the chest  (Top)                                            3 colors

Open top  (Top)                                                       3 colors with four variations of inscriptions  (nothing, lover, sex doll, pet 03)

Denim jacket on the naked body  (Top)                  6 colors

School swimsuit (Full Body)                                     2 colors

School swimsuit open (Bottom)                              1 color

Small Towel on neck (Accessory)                             1 color

You can also download my other files:




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