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Wicked Whims TS4: Cum Animation Not Working

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Just occurred to me recently that since installing WW, the "Cum" option doesn't seem to be working for me? Whenever I click on any of the options under that category (whether that be face/back/chest/all of the above), no new "task" will pop up on the lower left side of the Sims Task screen on there is no animation or textures whatsoever whenever I click on it. I have downloaded animations by Cherry, etc. and have multiple downloaded animations but none work.


The option just makes my Sim icon on the bottom refresh and that's it. Sims just continue on the last animation I was using. Since downloading WW months ago, I've updated to the latest patch recently and still not showing up. Kindly help!

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Well, if you apply cum that way, it's applied instantly - that's why your Sim's picture at the bottom refreshes. If you look at your Sim closely, you'll see some cum wherever you chose to apply it to (feet, back,...). "Regular" animations do it the same way, WW's "standard" cum is just a texture that appears on your Sim's skin.

Animations using the cum mesh by CherryPie on the other hand work differently. What you want do to is not apply cum via WW's option to do so (that's just plain old standard cum again) - you want to have a climax animation playing, because then there'll be "actual" cum.

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