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Hi everyones, 



I am currently working on a devious devices based mod. I am a beginner that need advices. 


I already figured out the configuration part using only the CK Tools: Quest Dialogues Npc ... 



I am Begining the script part, and there I really need help ! 



To start i tried to create a simple dialogue that bind you at the end of the discution. 

It seemed simple but it is actually really hard. 


I assume I have to make a script to equip a device on the player. I have read the github wiki pages of devious device integration (https://github.com/DeviousDevices/DDi) but I did not succeed what i planned.


I also tried to load devious devices mod into CK but it did not succeed too. It makes my application crashing



So I am asking your help. Do you know where I could start.



======================== WHAT I CURRENTLY HAVE ===============================


My Mod Installed :

- DD - Assets

- DD - Integration

- DD - Expension



- Sexlab aroused redux

- Sexlab



As I saw on the Devious devices Github I manually moved all (I think) the scripts mod into the data folder.




Thanks you very much for your help !

And sorry for my english i am french =)

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