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[CLOSED] [REQUEST] Can someone tell me a mod list and install order to make skyrim a sex game?

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First of all i would like to apologize for my english, thats not my national language.


So i would like to make my skyrim a huge sex game, but every time i install mods in mod organizer and launch skyrim, it crashes because i messed something up or whatever.

I want to say that i have experience in modding games (i mean, i know how to download and install them), but i dont know how to install mods in correct order to avoid graphics/performance problems.


I'd be glad if someone could tell me which mods i could use and how to install them in the right order to make skyrim look the way i want to.

I would appreciate if someone could write a detailed guide too, but the only thing i need is mod list and install order, the rest i can handle myself i think :p.

Below im writing down what kind of mods i would like to install:

- the necessary mods (like skeleton extension, physics mods etc. And for the physics i want to make the female breasts bouncy too but not too much)

- graphics (i want to make skyrim world look beautiful, like more colorfull not just a grey-dead world)

- character preset (i mean, i want to be able to create fine beauty character using like racemenu/bodyslite etc. Im not asking for actual presets but would be glad to see some cool looking female characters, i dont mind) (oh and for the body i want to use UUNP)

- NPC presets / or skins (i want to make the npc's look cool and beauty as well (especialy females) and not only their faces but their body too)

- cosmetics (maybe some female tattoos, makeup, warprints or something - not necessary but i decided to put it on the list)

- expression (facial expression mods is something i would like to have very much especialy during sex) (and for that i need a guide cuz i used some mods but every time i tried to create a character the expressions was glitchy/buggy and messed up, or that me who messed something up or didnts used that properly)

- armors (some sexy armors would be nice to have too but thats optional)


And the sexmods but i also want to say about my preferences:


So first, i dont like a BDSM things, and i want to use sexlab mods not Osex or something like that (because i think sexlab has more options and fun stuff).

I want to be able to have sex with males/females (as a female character) but monsters too, and want to have many animations for that (not just for 2 persons but threesome or gangbang animations too it applies to creatures too). And it would be nice to shouffle between animations - your know, like every time i start a new sex scene, new set of animations plays (randomly). Every time i used SLAL animations packs (which i think their amazing) it looked like every time i had sex with npc, animations started from the same set by defaults and i had to change the sets.

Also i want to create a futa female because i have a futa fetisch and would be glad to have mods that make female characters have schlongs (but not like a fat cocks, just a medium/long sized) and animations for it of course.

So thats what i want to have:

- sex with males/females/creatures

- many animation packs (i know that theres a limit or something but want as many as possible)

- visible schlongs (for males, females and creatures, also animations for futa etc.)

- some fun quest mods like amorous adventures or something like that

- sex after being defeated by humans/monsters not just endgame screen

- npc wants to have sex (i know theres "eager npc" mod or something like that, i've never tried it before i want npc's to approach my character and have sex)

- also i want to make the animations look ok, i mean after i installed some mods last time the animations looked like... u know... the cock didnt aimed the hole or the characters size was messed up and animations looked weird, and also would want to make a female clit have phisic during sex


I dont need any mods for creating a scenes and putting actors in it and etc. Just want to have some fun in an adventure game with many sex elements, science it is a good time to play and have some fun.


Ok so thats it i think. Thats what i need and as i said i'd be really glad if someone make a mod list from my preferences and install order/guide so that i wont mess up the installation again. I know you could call me a lazy bitch or something but i really searched the topics and everything but just didn't found a good guide for that kind of configuration preferences.


In advance, thanks for all the effort and help you'd give me, and i wish u a fun time with skyrim too, or whatever ur playing now.

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