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Is there a way for Teens to have a full pregnant belly?

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So when a sim is a young adult, they have a small baby bump first trimester, a bigger bump second trimester, and a huge bump third trimester.


 But if the sim is a teen, they don't show at all first trimester, have a small bump on the second, slightly bigger on the third.


I want to know if there's a way to get it so that teens show full pregnancy as if they were young adults.  It sucks that they always only look half-pregnant.

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30 minutes ago, Wynter1975 said:

It works fine for changing pregnancy stages and such, but it doesn't give teens a bigger belly.  Let me show you guys an example:

The sim on the left is a young adult, the sim on the right is a teen.  Both are in the third trimester yet the teen's belly is significantly smaller.  Is there anything that can fix that.


04-07-20_8-18-02 AM.png

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Bumping this thread in the hopes that somebody with some know how can either help me or provide me what I need.


I've found this mod: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175408670453/pregnancy-overhaul-more-this-mod-changes-a-few


It's not what I'm looking for, but it confirms that it's possible to modify sim belly sizes during pregnancy.  This mod however, does not affect teen sims, and even if it did, it wouldn't give me what I want: teen sims with a standard size pregnant belly.


So what I need to know is, how do I find a mod that alters/fixes the belly size for teens, or how do I modify current mods to affect teens?

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I've experimented though, and seen that when you age up a teen to young adult, the belly definitely grows bigger during pregnancy.  It's not just the size of their build.  Teens very specifically and deliberately have a different set of sizes for pregnancy.  It's like they are one step behind, 1st trimester looks like not showing, second trimester looks like first trimester, etc.


See also the picture I posted up above with the young adult and the teen, their builds are very similar when not pregnant, with the older woman only being a little bit wider in the stomach area, not enough to account for the massive difference between the two in third trimester.

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I think it's because teens aren't normally supposed to get pregnant in game. It sucks because in real life there's always the chance that they could.  The game doesn't mimic that part of the teens lifestyle too much. It's not just with TS4, but all the sims games.

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