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[ Request ] Conversion... of Mecca Queen Mod and Qulin Horn Armor to UUNP HDT

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Basically what the title implies... i'm looking for experienced modders/experts with bodyslide to convert these two armors into UUNP compatible for me...  Tried it myself, but I honestly can't wrap my brain around getting it done properly... I'd appreciate anyone willing to take this request... Long Story Short; I recently rebuilt my Skyrim and changed from CBBE to UUNP ... and while I love UUNP body... there are some armors that now are longer in my hands, like these two...


(PS: I know the Mecha Queen armors have HDT High Heels system... and I know that's pretty out of date considering most armors mods now just have High Heels built into them with overrides... if someone who knows how to change that to the current high heels systems everyone else uses that would be awesome... but please do NOT make Heel Sounds a requirement though, as I don't have that mod)





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