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CAS parts not in game

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So I downloaded the mod not too long ago, and there is some functions i cannot perform on the game that I've heard requires the file "ww.CAS_Parts.json" or "ww.CAS_Parts.rar" or something along those lines. Did the devs remove that feature and I have to figure it out on my own?

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You don't really need any additonal files (except some animations), WickedWhims comes with everything required. AFAIK there are no CAS items you need to download.

You can download additional body parts, of course, just make sure they're WW compatible.

If you're missing certain features, you either have installed the censorship add-on (which means no nudity, remove the .package file to fix) or downloaded the mod from a side that considers parts of it inappropriate - in that case you'll need this:


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