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Just an idea for a Creature sex mod

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One of the reasons I quited installing Mods like Nasty Creatures, Or more Nasty Creatures is the amount of Mod dependencies they have  and most of all A lot of creatures that I do not use  at all but that once you install the Mod Its just another thing for the game to load for no use to me ..


I have no skill in this kind of Modding , so I thought asking to you guys a derivation of this popular Mod More Nasty creatures , and Creature Framework..


A Mod with only Humanoid creatures similar to Nasty Creatures but only with Trolls , Falmer , Rieklings, Werewolves, Giants, Vampire Lords  ...Would be a great improvement for the ones that just do not want all those creatures, I know that in MNC you can disable certain creatures , but that is not enough , cause wanting or not the Mod itself contains all those scripts dedicated to each creature that loads no matter what you enable or disable...


So here its stays my idea so that I hope one of you Mod Gurus pick it up and make it happen ..




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On 4/6/2020 at 8:16 PM, MadMansGun said:

there's not as much "scripts" as you think there are, just edit the json files with notepad:





Yes but haves a lot of dependencies...creature Framework ... etc ...If you have other mods its even worse , I play with defeat for example , and succubus quest etc ... its to much for my machine already matey... thanks for the info its always good to know that we can tweak json files 

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