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DDWardrobe - Thalia Outfit (CBBE)

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(Sorry for the terrible screenshots, I'm rusty asf.)
- Description -

A made-from-scratch, lore-unfriendly, modular outfit designed for my Skyrim character, Thalia. Comes with a top that has 4 texture variations, a skirt, underwear with 5 texture variations, leggings, and a choker. No shoes though, sorry about that, so hopefully you can find a nice pair to go with it!

This mod uses high-poly meshes and uncompressed, 4K textures. Dunno how to make them 2K for Fo4 yet.

- Known Issues -

- Weird weighting with the underwear frills and the crotch area of the leggings in some poses. Not sure how to fix.
- Slight clipping with the leggings.
- "Suction-cupping" with the breasts. Will be manually fixed at a later date.

This is my first time making a mod for Fallout 4. Should you encounter any other issues, please let me know.

- Requirements -

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

- How to Get -

Enter "help thalia 4" into the console and use the player.additem command to acquire each piece.

- Credits -

Tsuchutsi for making this tutorial.

The Discord users in Vtaw's server who helped me figure out how to get this working in-game.

My Patrons for being generous enough to support my work.

- Tools Used -

Marvelous Designer
Blender 2.70
Substance Painter
Outfit Studio

- Permissions -

Do not re-upload the meshes/textures elsewhere or use them in your own mod without my express permission.

- Links -




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