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Can't find the console's ExtraInfoWindow

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TL;DR I can't activate the console's ExtraInfoWindow (toggled on/of via TAB key in Oldrim.) I don't know if the feature is part of SKSE, is enabled via a separate mod or is entirely unavailable in SSE and would greatly appreciate anyone with knowledge of the matter enlightening me.


I'm running SSE via MO2 with SKSE64, FNIS, SKYUI, etc. and seem to have everything working well (no weird issues or random CTDs.)


For what it's worth, I've searched generally and here at LL, and can't find anything on the console's ExtraInfoWindow. Apologies in advance if I've missed something obvious; it isn't obvious to me. ?

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2 hours ago, dontknowdontcaredontask said:

That's an additional mod. In LE it comes from MFG Console, which is included in Sexlab. In SE you need More informative console (not included in Sexlab for SE).

Thanks! More Informative Console wants to overwrite Sexlab's console.swf; which seems to be ok.


Unfortunately MIC seems to be missing MFG features, for example I don't see a way to ID what a targeted NPC has equipped (great for consoling a unique item that can't be otherwise pick-pocketed, etc.). At the risk of being greedy, do you have any suggestions as to a mod or mods that could fill in the gaps (esp. IDing npc equipped items?)


Ugh. It does display. But you have to highlight the menu's down-arrow and use the activate key (shift)  -- I was stupidly scrolling the mouse wheel -- so I kept not getting the additional menu items.

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58 minutes ago, The Evil Council said:

More Informative Console wants to overwrite Sexlab's console.swf; which seems to be ok.


The console.swf from Sexlab seems like a leftover file from Ashal testings, it doesn't serve any purpose so it's safe to overwrite it.


The windows and info are nearly the same as old MFG Console, with minor changes in appearance and position for some stuff. Glad you sorted it out. 

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