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Experiment 666 - Zilphia

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This is my main Char Zilphia Regina . Born as a Human in November 11th 2049, next Hartford Connecticut. Joined the US Army in 2070, Ranked as a Captain.


During the time at Vault 111 in cryo (2253), she was chosen to be the new Experiment of the Institute. Her body was completly changed to a Hybrid of Synth Technology and GEN Experiments. Only her Head and parts of her Torso be the same like before. Zilphia should be the perfect Synth, but as she wakes up again, she was shocked and she wanted to take revenge for what was done to her. The Institude made one big Mistake, they underestimated her strong willpower.


Zilphia's Body is a combination of Synth, Supermutant, Deathclaw and Human. Actually the best of everything (in sight of the Institute)






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