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Since longer time we have a club for Skyrim and busty models but what about Fallout 4? What's your idea starting a new round with a bunch of mods, to experience the FO4 sandbox in a complete new way? What will your character for your new personal story will look like? How will you adapt feature mods to the look of your new char? Do you like to share your char and tell the story behind?

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  2. Have revived the old vasaki vampire mod: Anshara had no clue, why did she awoke in a freezing pod with lot's of death people around. Why she can the run faster, jump higher and have more muscle power as her slim body should have. Why do her eyes glow in the dark and what the sake is this hunger for blood and incompatibility to food and stimpaks? As long she got a bootled meal or fresh from various kill's in the dangerous commonwealth, she feels well and can walk in the daylight. Yes and if she got wounds by attacks, she will heal faster if not hungry. Have a raider as snack, there are enough around. So she wanders around the commonwealth, doing job for others to earn caps while collecting her food. What did Vault Tec do and why, did they hybridize humans to vampires or did they found her in far away countries and froze her for conservation. She had to explore the reasons.....
  3. (disclaimer: at the moment i cant proivide the mods used in the photo i dont feel like uploading 43 gigabytes of my fo4 data folder) This is my Main char of choice. born in 2059 on the first of January in sancatry hills near vault 111. after spending 1 year in the cryo pod in vault 111 it caused Saphire's ageing to stop for some reason and affected her intestines "slightly" ending up in her with permiment memory wipe(execpt her cognitive funcions) is somehow still alive by sheer luck now in 2287 she saw all these people dead and she had a nervous breakdown (aka breakdown from nervousness) and remained in the vault for 2 days then finally headed to the surface. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jBja32PNnz28eHAFKxtSSfMpnHo_CZtl/view?usp=sharing ^----for the image open the link)
  4. While waiting for Halstroms Gynoid reborn, is just created another char for a round with tiny Sim Settlements. Nefary is based on A.S.I.A and use the CBBE Synthetic body preset from the Nexus. This give an stunning tall body with wide loads😃 Hair is Azar Ponytail and Glowing Eye mod for credible machine body as in GITS. This round i will try to avoid any unstable mod, but it should be fun. Seems Piper like it, or hmm her face do nogt look that happy
  5. hello my name is freya and i am newbie
  6. This is my main Char Zilphia Regina . Born as a Human in November 11th 2049, next Hartford Connecticut. Joined the US Army in 2070, Ranked as a Captain. During the time at Vault 111 in cryo (2253), she was chosen to be the new Experiment of the Institute. Her body was completly changed to a Hybrid of Synth Technology and GEN Experiments. Only her Head and parts of her Torso be the same like before. Zilphia should be the perfect Synth, but as she wakes up again, she was shocked and she wanted to take revenge for what was done to her. The Institude made one big Mistake, they underestimated her strong willpower. Zilphia's Body is a combination of Synth, Supermutant, Deathclaw and Human. Actually the best of everything (in sight of the Institute)
  7. Since the Dec 2019 update all my old savegame files were destroyed and resulted to immediate crash. So i updated and changed mods, returned to Trykz great A.S.I.A mod because here you get a perfect working package of Synth bodies and clothing. Combined with Synth Player Gynoid you get not only the look but also the technical requirements to be a synth. Have enough fusion cells for your energy and cooling liquid for the CPU and mechanical systems. With Gynoid you can run faster, move quicker and jump higher, as long you have an eye for lubricate, temperature and electric power. The penalty if not is loosing cover, sneak, duck, running, view or even the ability to stand upright. The A.S.I.A body is full CBBE physics equipped and you can look through the body grilles into the limb mechanic. That's an incredible design by Trykz. Gen 1 and Gen 2 type of bodies are strength and durability so light armor or cloth will do. If you like these synths, install the Alien Cloning Gun mod and pick some Synth settlers from the A.S.I.A. facility for your settlement.😄
  8. The difference in Commonwealth is that people hate Synths while Androids that appear as Androids are tolerated. Further difference is that Androids do not need that much armor and are not blamed for nudity. So remembered to FONV with the ARES i found the IKAROS mod at discord. What give the base for a really unique looking char that is even accepted by Myrna as human🤗 And for real, this Android look way better than the crap the Mechanist put together. Hope that Trykz will topple this experience with his coming mod.
  9. You know the story, the day Nora woke up from freezer she noticed the seems on her body and get screaming after a view into the first mirror. Her looks like a Geisha Harlequin was one side, on the other her prototype body is picky, requires energy plugs, coolants and lubrication fluids for functioning. If the needs are ignored she cannot cover, run or jump until the stats are ok what is very bad in combat situations. A very dangerous 'feature' is the body heat up, the more armor you wear, the more your body will heat up and functions fall down. One of the first is fast travel, now you have to walk the whole way. But remind that walking and fight especially with armor cause heat you up. Now you must take breaks in underwear to get your body cool again. The creators of her body gave her this scary look, to mark her as synthetic (Mark of the Beast). That makes her very angry, this shady people who messed her life up, must be hunted down. To be a synth gynoid means that you cannot fast travel, not cover, not VATS aim and below 10% energy only walk and not run. All armor isolate against heat loss, so you must run naked or in underwear until heat and energy comes back. Such a gameplay is very hard, now your own body is your enemy too. Mods used: Nexus Geisha Bot and Loverslab Gynoid Synth Player

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