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RSE II - AAF - and my inability to modify the game

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Hi guys, I'm inexperienced and I admit my complete ignorance of how to modify this game. I use vortex to install the mods, I managed to have the game completely modified and functional. I expose my problem: RSE II, I installed the 7 Volumes with relative contour mods https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8980-aaf-flashy-depreciated-mods-repository-rse-and-autonomy/ I have also installed https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/9023-aaf-rse-ii-framework-resources-esm-011020/ In addition I also installed the various additional packages (prostitution, disease etc) I installed the aaf packages (they are many and I can't remember which ones and put them in this post) In the game structure I have the alternative start that allows you to play realities other than the original story. My problem now is this: the game starts regularly, I see with my own eyes that loads Volume 6 and 7, activates the various mods (prostitution, disease etc etc) But after a few minutes, the keys assigned to activate the plugins do not work and if I deposit the weapon, I am still attacked. As I said, I am completely inexperienced in the subject and I apologize if I do not know how to use the technical terms that you use. Could you help me on where I'm really wrong? Thank you guys





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