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Invisible/phasing raiders/settler

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Trying to diagnose a problem with invisible settlers and other NPCs that phase in and out, before becoming invisible completely. I am trying to work out the origin of the problem before posting logs/load orders etc.


I can interact with them, see them in VATS, and when I kill them they become visible. I have tried the console disable/enable, recycleactor, removed all mods affecting NPCs (via Mod manager), reduced mod load, verfied game cache, reduced keyword load, changed bodies (CBBE/FG/bodytalk), reduced all graphic settings.....  I have not edited them in looksmenu and I don't run settlement mods beyond longer power lines....


My problem is I do not know if it is an ini issue, CPU issue, keyword issues, mod issue, etc. Nothing has even impacted it. What is weird is almost no one through Googlefu has this exact problem or posts a working solution.





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