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  1. Thank you for all the hard work - this is the linchpin of my mod order and I don't mind waiting for 1.6 (as I will rebuild fallout 4 around sim conqueror and this mod). I have been following for a while (played 1.5), but I haven't seen any "feature list" for 1.6 - or is that still too early to say? Cheers
  2. Odd problem, none of the text is playing (SE version). I have fuz roh da installed, and it works fine for all other mods. The guards do text from the "sexist guards mod", but all in mod text is absent. People speak, no text. Everything else works - animations, hair cut, walking, guards opening doors, punishment, etc. Minus the text! Which is a bit... weird. Hoping someone else has come across this problem, as I am not monkeying with my 300 mod order list anymore! My mods effecting speech are: SL Jail assault SE Sexist Guards v2.91b SL Stories SE 2020 B
  3. Does the SLS patch for remastered TAWOBA enable the bikini lists to be built? Mine is greyed out with the current (6 something) version of SLS. I have looked in Zedit and _SLS bikini keyword is shown in the patched ESP so I am confused!
  4. Do I need to install keyword patches for sunkeumjeong's "TAWOBA remastered" or does SLS pick up on the mod? I used to have edit (way back) the masters/etc. Cheers. Edit: Figured it out, as I remembered to read the effing manual. On the front page - edit the .json in ++notepad to link to the remastered Tawoba ESP instead of the old esp. Can build lists now. For those who need an idiot sheet (like me) - it is the bikiniarmors.json inside the sexlab survival SKSE "storageutil" folder (if you use MO, it will be in the installed mods folder).
  5. I tried to make this mod work in my load order, but parts of the mod did not seem to function at all well in my game. What finished it for me was the humiliation system being all over the place. I would be at 0 humiliation rating, then 100 when entering a building, and would be instantly sent to simple slavery - even though I had the slavery setting set to zero. In the end I was racing around town, trying to hand in quests trying to lose the tagged NPC who was chasing me to send me to riften slave market. The mod author had some great ideas and nomkaz is doing great work, but for
  6. I really like this mod, and it really confuses me, to the point I have no idea what I am doing. 😟 So, if anyone can help, that would be great! The explanations in the help menu are... err.. "opaque" (or I am dumb, or both...). 1. Drain - how do you build your passives/etc, so that you can effectively drain aggressive NPCs through sex? What are good passives to raise? I still get confused. 2. When it says "acts" does this mean sexlab scenes or states such as combat (e.g. under heart levels health absorption - status absorbed in acts per tick) So, if I buff this, do
  7. Awesome, many many thanks for the quick patch!
  8. Sorry to ask, is it possible to get a remastered TAWOBA SLS/SOS patch that doesn't change them to light? Thanks for the hard work!
  9. This looks quite substantial in terms of starting elements, would you recommend... a .. new.. save. Gahh.
  10. Thanks for the update. The installation instructions need to be idiot proof (ie, for me). So, for the avoidance of doubt... 1. Install "Droids of the commonwealth.7z" (I use mod manager) 2. Manually overwrite the folder (which is in the mod manager "mods folder" for me) with the patch plugin "Droids of the Commonwealth - Plugin Patch V1.0.1f.7z" 3. Delete the patch plugin esp from the mod manager folder called "droids of the commonwealth patch.esp" (presumably you want the files, not the plugin). 4. Install "Droids of the commonwealth II Fix2.7z".
  11. Just restarted after reinstalling Sim Settlements Conqueror, so lots of the +25 +40 stuff is a while off (at least Preston ins't annoying me now...). Will you release the expansion as a patch or will the core files need to be changed as well?
  12. Couple of shots of my droid, Cora, using HN16 armor. Top mod, looking forward to what you have planned (also, nanites are not killing people, but I am at a level where I think they have upgraded health now + have mods that make it harder). Would like the droids "blood" to be milky white, like Ash in the Alien movie. There is a mod that adds a bleeding nose/mouth, and I wonder if I could edit that to be white and have a preset saved to use it on the fly.
  13. the water to the scope of the mod and can leave one feeling like they were dropped into the middle of a vast ocean, except they have no way of knowing if its an ocean or a fish bowl cause the bounds are not clearly defined. Just one comment from me - that is the problem mod authors face - as they have create the RPG elements in the mod as Fallout's gameplay loop (kill, loot, build) is not really suitable for in depth RPG experiences. I can only imagine how insane the amount of work is to make this work (eg the Depravity mod). This excellent mod is exactly what I look for - an under the hoo
  14. That is what I originally thought was happening with the "upload to mainframe" feature. I am curious as to what this does, I read almost everything (so probably missed the key passage), but what exactlly does "upload to mainframe" do? It would be a fun mechanic. especially if you found your semi-looted corpse. Having a reset button with options to attack a problem is always more fun, than reload or save scumming. As to the mainframe being a trap - yeah, I fell into this to begin with, which is kinda fun at lvl 1 in downtown boston.... Then I realised, after Trykz explained, that th
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