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sex + ??


not sure what you're asking but I'm thinking you mean what sort of sexual act you find not normal.


If its not consensual then it is not normal and thats about it for me.  I dont care what people do to each other as long as no one is being raped.


oh and of course pedophilia, anyone who partakes in that needs a chainsaw shoved up their ass.

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Guest Lady Luck

What kind of bed are you sleeping in that has a handle?


As far as sex that's not normal? Any sex you don't have regularly. Hell, if I fucked once in another country, it would be abnormal sex (never done it). Just once before I die, I'd love to join the mile high club.


idk there is a porn video i saw it was damn funny >.<

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Guest Lady Luck

wow people really do it with a bed post?


lol, guess in the recession people have to make do with what they can find


emotionally disturb person does fucking everything even a small toy XD , i seen a video about nerd girls fucking green lantern on their ass man that was funny as hell .


I think the term that is being looked for is "Bed post," not "Bed handle..."  >.>


this is how that band handle ( bed assist ) looked like



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