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Trouble with 3ds Max 2012 Havok

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Hey, I am trying to export animation from 3ds max for almost 2 weeks now and no luck. I tried 3ds max 2012 and 2010. Currently I stayed at 2012 64 bit with Havok Tools 2012.1.0 x64 (20120817). Still no success. My animation process is on this video, but the part where I export it as HKX is not up to date. I convert it with all the settings shown in video except the last. Now I export it as XML and then convert with hktcnv.exe to HKX. Then I convert it with converttoskyrimSE.bat file because I want my animations for Skyrim SE. It just wont convert them, so I suppose they are wrong. Converter works fine with animations from other modders, only mine suck. To mash it up... I have windows 7 64 bit, 3ds max 2012 64 bit and Havok tools 2012 64 bit. Is it the optimal combination for it? Or am I doing something wrong in my video? I noticed that some authors also save animations and then load them to insert keyframes into every frame. Tried that also and did not work for me. I followed a lot a looot of tutorials in pdf, on video, from youtube to nexus and up here.


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22 hours ago, full_inu said:

People usually work with x86 version, it will work just fine on Windows x64.

Other than that, I cannot help :) it is just an observation from other modder's workflow, so you probably can ignore my post until someone more skilled will explain

I would really like to install 32 bit but no idea how. Followed tutorial to enable installation of 32 bit apps into my 64 bit windows, but in instalation process of 3ds max 2012 i cant choose, even if it contains both versions ( I looked )

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