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  1. 1. I now have a website, where you can download everything public at once (from Google drive links) 2. New mod is released - Moon Butterfly Set.
  2. Mark coat as revealing in MCM Schlong of Skyrim menu, problem will be solved.
  3. You did not specified, which mod manager you are using, NNM or Vortex.
  4. I contacted Ashal regarding problem with file naming, and it seems that problem occured from nowhere. Anyway, he renamed files, so now problem with installing mods should be resolved. Just download all needed achives and install first one with Mod Organizer 2. If you are using NNM or Vortex, shame on you.
  5. Should I switch from Special Edition to Anniversary Edition? anytime soon now
  6. An extremely useful article https://apertureit.blogspot.com/2017/05/bhkcollisionobject.html
  7. 🤔 🤔 🤔 Original archives names (with extension) BB pack: Bloodborne Pack [Team TAL x full_inu].7z.001 Bloodborne Pack [Team TAL x full_inu].7z.002 DS Pack: Dark Souls Pack [Team TAL x full_inu x yiliang626 x just4u37] - beta.7z.001 Dark Souls Pack [Team TAL x full_inu x yiliang626 x just4u37] - beta.7z.002 Dark Souls Pack [Team TAL x full_inu x yiliang626 x just4u37] - beta.7z.003
  8. When I upload mod separated by parts, it gets renamed: Only one archive in the middle survived. Why is this happening?
  9. MEGA blocked my account for my own safety, and now I can't access it. I need time to figure what to do, download links currently removed. Edit: mod reuploaded directly on LL. I don't know why, but archives were renamed by LL... You need to download archives you needed and rename them manually, or you will not be able to install mod in MO2.
  10. This thread is being resurrected, and now I will post updates here. All download links are hosted in my discord server. Soon I will edit more information here and remove old duplicate threads (only my own DS/BB ports, the rest stuff will stay) since they were leading to the same place for dowloading. New mod is available to download. Armor Pack 01
  11. Oh, he is working on that? Well, this is sweet 😊 Modern games uses GPU for faster and better physics calculations... If his work will be published, we will have a chance to compare state of SMP before/after 😳
  12. Nice plugin (updated github version), with it looks like collision glitches are more likely to resolve itself or never happened. I see people in thread were not able to compile it too, well... Just in case, some old port of HDT-SMP for Fallout 4 exists https://github.com/ericncream/hdtSMP64 Who knows, maybe one compilation will bring cloth to FO4 (although 13 commits is really a small number to look like working prototype) Wishing for SMP plugin one day finally use GPU
  13. This kind of problem could not affect actual in-game mesh, check how it looks in game first (skinned).
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