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Skin textures don't overwrite CBBE's default ones.

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Just as it sounds, I downloaded CBBE along with the "True Wasteland Body" expansion and "CBBE Muscle Map Conversion"; and for some reason the new maps aren't applying. I went further and even tried to install another CBBE Skin (the "Fair Skin" one) and same result, nothing. However, the mos bizarre thing is that they ACTUALLY APPEAR IN THE BODYSLIDE PREVIEW.

I already tried asking for help in the TWB Discord and no luck, maybe I'm luckier here.

Here are my mod and load orders:


And a pic of the Bodyslide preview actually showing the new map:



Apologies for not posting a screenshot of the in-game skin, can't do it right now.



So what is causing this problem? I heard some comments about being LooksMenu's fault, but I dunno about that.


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