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SL TOOLS and Custom animations

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Since the  thread  is basically dead  I am  posting this here in hope we can fix this because I am sure a lot of  people  would like this  and its quite annoying since  it  doesn't   function  100%.


So whats the problem; The thing is  custom animation builder  only works  if a stage 1 of particular animation is used prior to other stages one would like to use  from that animation, mix and match any stage from any animation just  does not work  , actors stand there doing some movement or not and animations are not read and played no matter how many stages are following, unless  stage 1 is put first then all plays normally. 


What  I think it  must be done is to edit something or add something in the script but  I have no idea what since my scripting/coding knowledge is pretty much  non  existent,  so my question would be could someone look at that script and possibly  have a solution or an idea on what to do to make  this  gem work like it was supposed to? all  other aspects of the mod work without any  issues.


So I hope this  thread finds the right eyes  so we can try and fix this.





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