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Trait: Escort Call Center ?

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That trait comes with "Nisa's Wicked Perversions", doesn't it?

The way it works, if I'm not mistaken here, is basically that it increases the chance for existing prostitutes (registered at Lost Eden) to get calls/clients while they are on a lot with that trait, so you need some existing prostitutes (set them up yourself or use "nisa.slutify" without the quotes for some random Sims). There's no career track or anything, the prostitution system is something entirely seperate.

Don't know about the lot owner getting some share, as I only use it on a single lot where a prostitute lives.

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You can just create a male Sim and make him a registered escort/prostitute, or you can bring up the console with Ctrl+Shift+C and enter "nisa.slutify" (without the quotes, of course) to set 10 random Sims in your game (5 male, 5 female) as escorts/prostitutes.

Prostitution in Wicked Pervs works the same for all eligible Sims (teens or older), regardless of gender or anything else.

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