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REQUEST Argonian head replacer for PC and all NPCs. (Maybe Khajit too)

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Pretty much what I want is for the Argonian Race and maybe the Khajit race to have heads closer to the other more humanoid races (particularly the imperial or breton style).  But still have the scaley/furry textures.  And if anyone is willing to do them I'd appreciate it.  If only willing to do one, I'd prefer the argonian.


Also I am not looking for a custom race that is like this, I want to replace the argonians/khajit with this.  I have plenty of custom races that would otherwise fit the bill.  I just want them to be a little more human.  Tails, claws, etc are still fine.  If only done for one gender, I'd pick female since most of my mods (and mods in general) are geared towards female bodies.


If it matters I use the HDT CBBE body and pretty faces mod.

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11 hours ago, winny257 said:


there was already a request here on LL with matching link, but I don't remember where.
unless it's not what you're looking for.



That looks good.  I can't find a download though.


EDIT: Found the download but the mod is far too invasive.  It changes elves, orcs, etc and even causes scripting glitches with certain events (like Rogvirs execution).  I only really want to change the argonians and maybe Khajit.  But this mod does too much and the effort needed to shrink it down to just the Argonians and Khajit is absolutely not worth it.  While I don't care about orcs, I have very good looking elves and I'd like them to stay as they are.


I found another mod but it has almost no work on it and the hair is always messed up.  And so far these are the only two I can find for LE, so...It would seem that unless someone else decides to make a new mod with this concept then I won't be getting what I am looking for.

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