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Acronyms / Abbreviations in Oblivion Mods and Plugins


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Opening this in order to make a thread for everyone to ask or explain what an acronym stands for.


If a mod is relatively old and is usually mentioned by its abbreviated name; it is pretty difficult to track what it stands for (apart from asking, which creates minor derailing in threads). So a list of all acronyms somewhere in the site would be pretty good (if there already is one, I failed at finding it). Until then, this thread could be used.


I for one, still have no idea what the PK in Lovers with PK, the SSP in AdultPlayPlusforSSP, and the NT in LoversMotionsNT mean. I'm also unsure if the S in RaperS is just the enlarged plural suffix or an abbreviated word starting with S.



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Actually, nobody knows really. Even for the people who've used it since it came out years ago! We still have no Idea what PK, SSP, LandE, joburg, FSE, and such mean. My best guess is that "PK" and "SSP" were part of people's username on some distant japanese forum, and not really acronyms that mean something. However I can safely say that NT stands for "netorare" so perhaps I'm wrong with them being acrnoyms. As for the rest, my guess is as good as yours. 

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As the Mad God has stated, no one has EVER known what in wide world of sports that the PK stands for.  We are equally clueless on the other stuff as well.  Fortunately us not understanding what the letters stand for does not effect anything.  :P



Part of the confusion on these letters is that they often are in Japanese slang.  The other part of confusion that comes into play is that the letters are often in the wrong order when machine translated.  Example: SSP - we do know that it is subtitles for NPC's (and the PC too) during sex acts, but what order the letters machine translate to is often backwards.  The real order could be PSS or SPS in the actual Japanese.  This makes trying to figure things out F'ing difficult.  Not even mentioning that they have quite a few words that simply don't have any english equivalent.  So long story short, make up your own version on what they mean or don't worry about it.  ;)

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*imo*, LandE stands for "Losing and Exhibitionism"

LandE was LoversLoser once..forever before. And some of its variable name is exhibitionism.


Isn't this enough proof? :rolleyes:


As to LoversMotionsNT, I think NT could be refering to "New Type" in famous gundam series. Our japanese brethren grew with gundam, farmiliar to it, and new-type sounds like something new after all.

It could also be Netorare, but they tend to use NTR instead of NT when they want to express someting like cuckolding.

Oh wait, NTR also stands for the New Tokyo Republic, in Fallout 6 : Fukushima. :P

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