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Infinite loading screen

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Hi all,


Sometimes, quite rarely, I get the infinite loading screen bug, I have to kill the game from Task Manager.


I was googling this problem for a while, but couldn't find any solid answer. I read somewhere to disable autosave, I did disable on Travel (I still have it Enabled on Wait and Menu).


I still get the infinite loading screen sometimes. As I said it is rare, happens only like once in 2-3 hours, but it is annoying. Any advice maybe?




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I never found a good solution for the endless loading screen other than to overthink my Setup that caused those in the first place.

All those stability fixes and less demanding graphics helped to prevent those.


I saw endless loading screens if:

I was close or over my FNIS limit with animations (before all those fixes came out)

Buggy mods in LO

Crazy amount of active scripts (inclusive stack dumps and active scripts in a phase of termination

Too many 4k objects/textures to load after cellchange

Missing patches or wrong ones

Mods in LO that would work well unless I mess up the overwrites and LO sequence

LOD billboard conflicts

Cells full of NPCs with standalone bodies or own custom skeleton

Rising this Budget might help too:




Fixing those things removed the endless LO, but I never found a way to save a game that already showed the endless loading screen.



One time BethINI helped, because my skyrimpref.ini was messed up after me playing around with it without exactly knowing what I was doing.


Oops, got lost in SE tech support

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I've been bumping into this issue for the last several months as I add new mods and didn't understand what I was experiencing until I found the article above.  I'd noticed there were some mods that, when added to my load order, would cause ILS to happen.  In my subsequent debugging to figure out what was wrong, I was discovering that I had to forgo using many of my previous mods just to get the new mod to work...even though I'd been previously using them without issue.  It wasn't until I found this article (just tonight) that explains what I've been encountering.  Might be what you're bumping into.

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